Founded in 1985, TakeNote is Cornell's only professor approved, supplemental note taking service. Our mission is to provide Cornell students with high-quality lecture notes to help them master their course material. We take our promise of high-quality seriously, so we only publish notes that help students make valuable connections and tell the story of the lecture content.  

Step 1

Purchase a live subscription through the Cornell store online or in stores. Cornell card and bursar accepted! Check the 'Courses' page for a list of available live notes and reprints.



Log onto www.redshelf.com, our online reading platform, and enter the code on your receipt to access your notes. Access your notes from your computer, tablet, or phone.

step 3

Each set of new notes is uploaded to Redshelf by Sunday morning at the latest. Lecture notes are organized by weeks for ease of access. Happy studying!

We can not provide high quality lecture notes without first having skilled and dedicated notetakers. We hire our notetakers through a comprehensive application and training session. Our editors then grade and supplement the work of the notetakers.


All interested applications submit an application, their college transcripts, and schedule for next semester. Applicants agree that, if selected, they commit to being a notetaker for the entire semester.


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The general managers personally select the most qualified notetakers and editors from the applicant pool. These prospective employees then undergo a thorough training process led by the general managers.


Once classes have begun, notetakers submit notes to the general managers. Editors evaluate the work of the notetakers and general managers review all notes before uploading them. 

General Managers

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Claire Pan
Applied Economics and Management, 2020

A freshman in the Dyson School, Claire is committed to providing TakeNote customers with quick and efficient responses. As the general manager, Claire hopes to improve TakeNote's brand image on campus. Outside of Student Agencies, Claire is a member of Forte Campus at Cornell, the Cornell Marketing Organization, and the Make Your Mark Career Fair Logistics Committee. In her free time, Claire enjoys competing with Cornell Club Tennis, following NBA basketball, and snowboarding. Contact Claire at cp499@cornell.edu.


Stella Moss                                                                                                            Applied Economics and Management, 2020

A freshman in the Dyson school, Stella is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality notes for all customers. As a general manager, Stella strives to train notetakers to take useful and superior notes to all students. Along with Student Agencies, Stella is also a member of the Society for Women in Business and participated in the Emerging Leaders Program. In her leisure, Stella loves to be with friends and listen to music. Contact Stella at slm337@cornell.edu.



Interested in joining the team?

We are looking for hard-working organized students who want to get paid to go to class. TakeNote Associates can receive up to $14 per 50 minute lecture, earning one of the highest rates on campus. 

Terms of Use

TakeNote is a subsidiary of Student Agencies Inc. Our notes are copyrighted material. Any attempt to reproduce these notes are punishable by law. TakeNote customers are also prohibited from sharing or selling any TakeNote material. Infractions of these rules will cause all related accounts to be deleted and be reported to Cornell's academic integrity office.