TakeNote is Cornell's only professor approved, supplemental note taking service. Our goal is to provide Cornell students with high-quality lecture notes to help them master their course material. We take our promise of high-quality seriously, so we only publish notes that help students make valuable connections and cotell the story of the lecture content. 

TakeNote was founded at Cornell in 1985 and we are proudly entering our 31st year of operation. We contract highly qualified note takers to take notes in some of Cornell's most popular classes. After the notes are taken, our production team works to polish and refine the notes for ideal learning . 

Purchasing TakeNote

TakeNote is now being sold through the Cornell Store. To buy a TakeNote subscription, it is the same process if buying a textbook through the Cornell Store online or in store. That means that you can use your CornellCard or bursar! Once you purchase TakeNote, it can be found with all other eBooks purchased through the Cornell Store.

Fall 2016 Courses: